Natura & Co is a Brazilian manufacturer and marketer of beauty products, skincare, and cosmetics. The building was originally built as part of the Central of Georgia Railroad complex and was completed in 1887. The four-story, Romanesque-style building features loft spaces, tall windows with stained glass, and old red brick with terra cotta ornamentation. Re-use of buildings, spaces, and materials can greatly minimize the environmental impact.



Japanese aesthetics and architecture term, Wabi-sabi, which is related to the slogan of the brand that defection made us different but unique as well. It means accepting differences, accepting imperfection, appreciating the diverse world.



Nature plays a critical role in developing the design concept and bring diverse elements and sustainable materials, such as stone and wood, into the workspace, to create an open and spontaneously green space.



The building is oriented East to West. The site will receive the most sunlight during the early hours of the day and the sunset. The light will have a warm hue and could affect the lighting and temperature within the building.

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